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Trolling the trolls.

Wanted to draw faces and figures without worrying about using people’s likenesses for my own copyrighted work, so I drew them (the foreground figures with the red eyes) from patterns I saw in various old wood table tops, and also from patterns I saw in a washcloth (the faces floating above with the green eyes). Compiling all these together I thought it would be more effective to play against their sinister appearance, and so opted for something funny.

10 7/8 x 13 15/16 inches, color pencils, dipping pen and watercolor pencils on pencil original, 2019. Print is a matted, mounted, signed color print on white acid-free cardstock, in a limited print run of fifty. I only use permanent, pigment-based HP inks, which meet the ISO 11798 standard for fade-resistance.

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