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bridge and hill

Even though it was cold out, this was a fun one to do.

If it can be seen that an abstract art piece shows a feeling or thing or event well, then it’s a good piece. That’s why I wanted to do this on-site even though I knew it would be at least a bit abstract because the subject, a 118 year-old bridge in a park that was far older, looked really cool. The sun, the middle fork of Beargrass Creek going under Belknap Bridge in Big Rock Park, the many thin but very tall trees covering the tall hill behind it all, an artist would want to make this into a real trip. While it’s not impossible to realize that 118 years ago the entire area was as bald as a golf course, it still looks great now. Going out to draw is an excellent way to realize just how incredible the world is.

10 x 13 inches, watercolor pencils on a printed copy of a fountain pen original done on-site, 2019. Print is a matted, mounted, signed 600 dpi color print on white acid-free cardstock with half-inch borders, part of a limited run of fifty. I only use permanent, pigment-based HP inks which meet the ISO 11798 fade-resistance standard.

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