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Unending Oak

Did a fountain pen plein air drawing in my small sketch book of this oak in mid-November.  Liked it so much I had another go with my 11 x 13.25 inch pad the following day.  Thought for a while about how best to color it, settling on a brick red-brown for the leaves and a neutral ink wash for the branches and trunk.  Then hoped that those first two choices were down-to-earth enough to get away with doing the background treetrunks in bright yellow.  A personal favorite. 

10 x 12.86 inches, fountain pen and colored pencil; from 2018.  Print is a matted, mounted, signed 600 dpi color print on white acid-free cardstock with half-inch borders.  Limited edition run of fifty. I only use permanent, pigment-based HP inks which meet the ISO 11798 fade-resistance standard.

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