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October Zinnias

I like looser watercolors, with or without inks; they breathe more.  Since I come from the ink / watercolor media experiment from the ink side, I tend to load up on contours detailing and shading instead of leaving enough blank space in which to model the subject with watercolor.  So I was deliberately casual here, sketching our zinnia bed from our porch while it rained just before I had to start making dinner.  And even though I didn’t want to color outside the lines much, this one came out better than I thought it might. 

10 x 6 3/4, fountain pen and watercolor; from 2018.  Print is a matted, mounted, signed 600 dpi color print on white acid-free cardstock with half-inch borders.  Limited edition run of fifty. I only use permanent, pigment-based HP inks which meet the ISO 11798 fade-resistance standard.

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