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Giant Oak

Done in July.


This is the same tree featured in my drawing Giant Oak, Close Up. I never took a picture of it. And the field it was in was too small for me to get far enough away from it to get a total picture from that side. So I drew it in parts, taped the drawings together and transferred the completed image onto an 18 x 24 inch sheet of watercolor paper, then inked and washed that in. Some background touches were done with ballpoint pe n.

This was a tree you’d remember. Six storeys high, and it’s trunk so thick it couldn’t be younger than two hundred years old, and very healthy. And as the field it was in had been abandoned for some time, the surroundings were untouched. A lot of work to get the tree and the context, but hopefully there’s a good suggestion of them in the work.

9 x 12 inches, dipping pen, ink wash and ballpoint pen on paper, from 2006.  Print is a matted, mounted,  signed 600 dpi print on white acid-free cardstock with half-inch borders, in a limited edition run of fifty.  I only use permanent, pigment-based HP inks which meet the ISO 11798 fade-resistance standard.

9 x 12 is the biggest I can print this in-house. Anything larger I will consider, but that will mean a higher price.

Published in the Winter 2018 (Initiation) Issue of the Solidago Literary Journal.

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